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Unexpected trip out.
This is just me talking about my day if your interested. If not then don't read. :shrug:
So I woke up at 11.30am and my friend phoned me asking if I wanted to go to the beach. I haven't been out in a long time so I said yes. I had an hour to get ready and meet up with them. Me and my school/college friends had a good time playing on the arcade shouting things and walking along the beach. After that we went into town and I saw that Waterstones had some Pokemon diamond and pearl manga for sale. I loved the first manga with Red so I brought volumes 1-3. I also have volume 5 but that was from a different store months ago. I didn't get back till after 6pm and I'm tired. I mean i didn't do much to make myself tied but I didn't have much sleep last night so that might be why. 
So tonight I might be slow when it comes to replying and commenting. so sorry. I REALLY want to get this picture done of Mio by the time I go to bed. It came out great and I want to mess around with the shading s
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Commission: The Investigation (Android Zoroark TF)
Zane stepped into the darkened metallic main room of the robotics laboratory, taking stock of all of the strange computational and mechanical equipment there. Text of some kind lighted the displays, but it seemed incomprehensible to him.

At first his investigation of the place had yielded nothing of note. When he'd arrived at the rumored location, he'd seen nothing to indicate a time-defying building such as had been rumored to him from numerous sources.

He'd been about to give up on the search when, as if by magic, an area he was CERTAIN he'd investigated quite thoroughly before caught his eye with a visible door underneath the foliage. Searching around, he had been able to find a hidden button which opened the metallic gateway and allowed him entry.

Now Zane looked around, unsure of where to begin. Apart from the monitors, the only illumination came from his flashlight. 

Zane experimentally tapped away at some of the computers and pressed some of the buttons which seemed hooked up to power supplies, but nothing he did seemed to make any difference.

He was about to leave and report his findings when he heard a metallic voice which sounded... bemused, rather than threatened. "If you are quite finished trying to hack into my system, we can begin."

Suddenly, all of the lights in the facility flipped on at once and the machinery hummed into action. Zane whipped around to find a large, round eye suspended on a metallic cable looking right at him. He wanted to respond, but he was in shock. "I... I..." was what he managed.

"Yes, yes. You were on an investigation to learn information about the android construction facility, were you not?" the voice replied, still with a hint of humor in its voice. "This system is well aware of what you are here for."

"You'll tell me all about this lab?" Zane asked cautiously. This seemed too good to be true. "You'll tell me why you're making these androids?"

"That isn't why you've come here, human," the metallic voice answered, still in a very even, unaffected tone. 

Zane was about to object to this, but the voice continued. "You were investigating the OTHER rumor. That the androids weren't CREATED here, but CONVERTED here. You want to know if humans are BECOMING androids."

"How did you...?" Zane began, his blood running cold. 

"You underestimate this facility's own intelligence-gathering abilities, young human," the voice replied and once again, there was that hint of bemused detachment to the voice. "Consider this... if this facility had considered you a threat we would not have revealed our entryway to you. Apologies that it took so long to do so; we had to run a surface scan just to be sure."

Zane didn't understand quite what that meant, but he know that his skin was breaking into goosebumps. He considered fleeing from the factory, terrified that the lab was about to capture him and hold him prisoner.

To his surprise, the voice responded to this. "You will not be held prisoner. You may choose to leave right now if you wish. Otherwise, it's time to begin."

"B... Begin what?" Zane asked, looking around. 

"Begin your new life." And just then a clear chute dropped down and encapsulated him.

"I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T HOLDING ME PRISONER!" Zane screamed in a panic as the machinery roared into action. His heart and mind were racing.

"This is for your safety," the voice replied. "Or did you decide to leave after all?"

Zane was about to respond, but then he hesitated. 

"Let us begin, then."

Suddenly, Zane felt himself being surrounded in a strange, tingling for of goop pouring in from the ceiling. To his surprise and terror, the purple goo seemed to have a paralyzing effect on his body and all he could do was stand still and experience it happening.

His whole body tingled and sparked and he felt the soft, malleable material burning away all of his clothes and even his own body. He wanted to scream in fear, but was unable to do so. 

"Steady yourself," he heard the voice saying. This surprised him because the voice didn't seemed to come from the speakers this time but rather from his own head. "This isn't designed to hurt you."

To his surprise he realized the voice was right. Although he keenly felt the strange substance burning away at him and forming around his body in a shape that felt alien to him, he didn't feel pain. This calmed him, though he felt disoriented and weird. His legs and spine especially felt different under this strange effect.

...Was it possible that this system knew about...?

"Yes, we know," the voice said plainly. As it did so, most of the goop had drained out through the floor and what remained solidified around Zane's body, looking him in place and shutting off his vision entirely. All he could see was pure darkness.

"Cybernetic moulding process complete. Engaging android shell encasement."

Zane felt something metallic clamp onto each of his limbs, fastening to his arms and legs; fusing to his fingers and toes; of which he was surprised to realized many had fused together to form NEW fingers and toes. As each new plating clicked into place, new, strange sensations begin in his mind. He heard his own thoughts confirming that each new system was online and functional; running diagnostics on each new part. He tried to move, but was still held fast. It was an amazing sensation; so much so that it managed to completely eliminate his fear in favor of it. Could it be that they would even...?

"Yes, this will be a feminine model," the voice said again. And again it came not from a speaker or even from his ears, but his own mind. He knew it was a separate thought from his own. Just as he knew that the diagnostics were his own subroutine. ...What a weird thought!

But then Zane grasped what was beginning to happen and before he could protest, he felt metallic plating locking down on his torso and crotch, and he indeed felt a noticeable feminine shape to them. He felt his voice protocols overwriting and a new primary tone and pitch set to them.

Finally, she felt her face being locked into a muzzle. And by now there was no more mystery about this. Her system was online and in full communication with the facility. She was now Silvana. The lab had been scanning her thoughts since she arrived and knew exactly what she'd wanted deep inside.

"Silvana is an excellent designation," the lab responded. She identified the mental scan and initiated security measures to shut it out of her mind. 

This seemed to amuse the lab even more. "You know that the brain scan was a safety measure, Silvana," the voice answered. Suddenly she felt the tube rising back up above her. "We only scanned your surface thoughts as a human to make sure you weren't a threat."

The zoroark opened her eyes. Her vision was incredibly enhanced, with scanning data displayed on a GUI, which she turned off in favor of a more organic perspective. 

Finally, everything that had happened came crashing down on her and with a gasp (though she no longer needed air to breathe) she looked down at her new body. The dark silver plating. The feminine and somewhat bestial form... he claws... her new hair! She was a zoroark! And not just externally. In her mind, she felt the knowledge of a multitude of zoroark abilities, including the ability to disguise. If she wanted to, she could continue to hide in plain sight, masquerading as human!

...And that WOULD be a masquerade, wouldn't it...?

She looked up at the eye, which was watching her. She expected it to answer her thoughts, but belatedly realized she had cut the system off from doing so.

"You... really did this, didn't you?" she said. And she was surprised at her soft, feminine voice. "You really made me into a zoroark." She stared at her hands for a long time.

"Your investigation is now complete, young zoroark. Do you wish to go back and report your findings?"

This made her look up from her reverie. A mischievous smile crossed her face. "Nah. I think I'll stick around here a bit more. This is more interesting anyway. I'm going to really enjoy this a lot."

She WAS a zoroark now. She was SILVANA now. Yes, she remembered her human life. And yes she was still that person. But this is what she wanted. This is who she REALLY was and always wanted to be. And she was going to enjoy every minute of it.


Commission for :iconkillfang96: . Not much to say about this one. Was definitely a lot of fun!
Transform Me! #38 - Phoenix
Ashley was surprised when the stone she pulled out of the treasure chest appeared to be nothing but a brick of charcoal; but not nearly as surprised as she was when it crumbled apart in her hand, forming a pile of ash that sifted easily through her fingers.

She was about to reach again when she heard a voice in her mind. "You have a burning fire in your heart. You are able to rise above adversity and become stronger and better than you were before. For one like you, rebirth is as natural as life. Now go... arise once more!"

No sooner had the words ended when suddenly the ash burst into an inferno of fire, igniting everything around her. The flames burned with an immeasurable heat all around her. Ashley FELT the heat. She FELT every degree of it. And yet, she did not feel pain. Even as the flames began to rise up her body, she felt in no way threatened by it. In fact, she felt empowered! She felt at a loss for what to do until she heard the voice again "It is alright. Do what is natural to you."

Ashley didn't know exactly what the voice meant, but she knew what her heart was telling her. She also began to realize that the flames appeared to be waiting. Though their heat grew and grew, the flames seemed to stop at a certain point in her body; waiting for some unknown command. So, giving in to her instincts, Ashley closed her eyes and allowed the flames to consume her.


Some time later, off in the distance... People who witnessed the fire from afar would report that there was an explosion of light and the powerful cry of a bird... And just as suddenly, the fire had disappeared.


Hard to believe that the last time I drew a full body of a phoenix, it was over FIVE YEARS AGO. I think it was definitely past due for another one. I wasn't sure what to do for Ashley, but I knew it had to involve flames. And for someone who is no stranger to escape tragedy more powerful and beautiful than ever, this felt like the exact right choice. If I was even able to capture a FRACTION of the beauty I see in you, sweetie, then consider it my honor and privilege; just as it is simply to know you.

(For my dear daughter, Singstar.)
Commission - Another Easter Treat! (TF/TG)
Sky Charger finds himself changed into another in the latest line of chocolate bunny girls. And this line comes with an optional snap-on candy coated dress! People really need to be much more careful in that factory.

(No, I didn't eat her, but that's not to say no one ELSE did. X3)



For those that don't know, this is basically a semi-sequel to last year's Easter pic:  Chocolate Bunnies for Easter! by Ryusuta

...MAN, people make me draw the strangest things sometimes. ^^;
Commission - Factory Renovation (Android TF)
Receiving word of the factory, Nick the anthro Shaymin arrives on-scene and joins the ranks of the Pokemon androids.

This is his Sky Forme. I would like to envision his Land Forme as some kind of "morph ball" scenario. X3

Also, I added a new "avatar" of the factory AI. I thought it would be a sun way to make it more personable. Not sure what the name for it should be, though. I'd love some ideas!


Okay, no more comic commissions for awhile unless the price is really updated. I stressed myself to the point of sickness getting this one out and I still have one more time-sensitive commission to get through before Easter ends.

That being said, I had a lot of fun working on it and I really enjoyed creating a little more "personality" for the robot factory. Since android TF commissions seem to be a "thing" for me now, I feel adding more character to the factory itself can make it a bit more fun. X3

I wanted to add more background detail, but I was running up against a deadline. Who knows, maybe I'll add a bit more later on; specifically next time we return to the factory. =)

Anyway, I've got to wrangle my roommate and take him grocery shopping before I get to work on the Easter commission. Hope you guys enjoy these!

(Oh, one last note: I have NOT forgotten the bonus "Transform Me!" slots. I'll be getting to them soon. Thanks for your patience!)
Chris Gets Caught (Plushie Alolan Vulpix TF)
Chris finds himself... attached to a a plushifying Master Ball, changing him into a lovable, huggable Alolan Vulpix. Looks like some lucky kid will be finding a... heh... "cool" new toy!


This one is long overdue. It was commissioned by :icontails230: and is something of a sequel to this picture:…

Wow... hard to believe that one is 3 and a half years old! Time sure flies, doesn't it...?

Anyway, I hope I did well for you, Chris. ;w;
Hey, everyone. I just want to give you guys a heads-up that I'm probably going to keep to myself for a few days. My beloved pet rabbit died today... I need a little bit to deal with the loss and get back in the right mindset. Thanks for understanding. Love you all very much; never forget that.

(Be ABSOLUTELY honest!) I'm getting a metal DDR pad again after years of not having one. Would you like to see some DDR/Stepmania/ITG livestreams? (Webcam can be included!) 

38 deviants said It sounds interesting, but I'd have to check it out to see.
37 deviants said I don't really watch ANY livestreams.
36 deviants said I like ALL of your lifestreams!
22 deviants said It sounds interesting, but I probably wouldn't watch it.
9 deviants said I don't typically like livestreams, but that would get me to watch!
No deviants said I usually watch your livestreams, but I wouldn't watch that.


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I'm a person looking to enhance her abilities in all kinds of different fields. Writing, drawing, music, and basically anything that allows me to express myself creatively. I LOVE hearing from people, even if it's idle conversation, and I am greatly interested in any advice to help improve upon what I'm doing.

My drawing are done in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop, using a Monoprice drawing tablet.


Amazing people: :iconzander-the-artist::iconthe-coolly-artist::iconcheliya:



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